You’ve never tasted mac n cheese quite like it… A perfectly golden, crisp top… An outrageously creamy center... But it has a little secret…
You’ve never tasted mac n cheese quite like it… A perfectly golden, crisp top… An outrageously creamy center... But it has a little secret…

As Recommended By Jill From Whole Foods Plant Based Cooking Show...

 I Love Noochy Licious to make incredible cheese sauces, just like the one i made for these loaded sweet potatoes!
Today I want you to discover the world’s best plant based superfood ingredient,

that lets you make healthy yet delicious “cheesy” dishes

that are actually incredibly nutritious for you…

Use it to create:
  • The world's creamiest vegan carbonara...
  • ​Mac and cheese that will fool even the hardiest meat eaters...
  • Nacho cheese dip that your whole family will go wild for…
  • ​...and even stretchy vegan mozzarella cheese
  • The world's creamiest vegan carbonara...
  • ​Mac and cheese that will fool even the hardiest meat eaters...
  • Nacho cheese dip that your whole family will go wild for…
  • ​...and even stretchy vegan mozzarella cheese
The best bit is it...
  • Contains 70% less calories than cheese (which is great for shedding pounds)
  • ​Has just 0.1% saturated fat (which is great for helping lower cholesterol)
  • Is packed full of beta-glucans that ALSO help lower cholesterol
  • ​Contains 94% less sodium per oz than cheese (which is great for healthy blood pressure)
  • ​It contains no lactose, soy, nuts or any other allergens! Meaning it won’t cause any nasty gut flare ups if you’re allergic or intolerant of those things!
  • And is packed full of healthy vegan protein, b vitamins for energy, healthy fiber for gut health and biotin for healthy vibrant hair skin and nails
But it still tastes AMAZING!
Meaning you can go for double portions of all your favourite cheese dishes completely guilt free…

So if you’re:
  • Vegan
  • ​Lactose Intolerant
  • ​Looking to lower your blood pressure by reducing your sodium
  • ​Looking to lower your cholesterol
  • ​Or just someone who wants to cut down on cheese for moral reasons
You’ll want to read this letter right to the end.
I haven’t always been a vegan.

I ate cheese in a past life and I'm not ashamed to admit that yes, it does taste good.

So I went on a quest for the ultimate way to make plant based cheese meals.

What I found wasn’t great.

Most of the plant based cheeses on the market were plasticky, nasty and had very little flavour.
Even worse they had tons of artificial unhealthy trans fats that were just as bad, if not worse, for your cholesterol than regular cheese. 

What’s the point of swapping to vegan cheese if it’s WORSE for your health? 

One brand i tried tasted like rubber, yet it.
  • Was loaded with unhealthy trans fats that were just as bad for your heart.
  • Contained Genetically modified oils I’d never heard of
  • ​And 60% of your daily allowance of salt in just 1 cup! (terrible for blood pressure)
What on earth is going on here?

I thought vegan food was meant to be healthier for you.
So I asked my friend Jade, she’s a yoga teacher from the UK, 

she’s vegan, but LOVES her food.

I met her whilst on vacation in Mexico...

Now, I’ve never seen Jade eating food that didn’t look delicious.

But I was sure that I had seen her post about a mac and cheese a few weeks before I'd started my quest.

So I sent her a message :
So I asked my friend Jade, she’s a yoga teacher from the UK, 

she’s vegan, but LOVES her food.

I met her whilst on vacation in Mexico...

Now, I’ve never seen Jade eating food that didn’t look delicious.

But I was sure that I had seen her post about a mac and cheese a few weeks before I'd started my quest.
So I sent her a message :
She replied straight away with a chuckle…
“Tell me more,'' I said.

Jade explained to me that she uses a delicious golden powder called nutritional yeast.

But she made super clear, 

it can’t just be any sort of nutritional yeast. 

The one she gets is especially imported from a supplier in the south of France.

She told me how when she became a vegan she did all this research into the best way to make cheesy dishes .

And that nutritional yeast came up time and time again.
But it was SUPER hard to find one that wasn’t genetically modified or loaded with synthetic vitamins. 

You see nutritional yeast is available in the bulk bins at some health food stores but that stuff has a few problems.

Firstly 99% of the time it is sprayed with artificial B12, this basically means instead of wholesome, delicious, nutritional yeast.

You’re getting a frankenstein hybrid product that is part synthetic multivitamin…

Secondly she told me most nutritional yeast is actually genetically modified.

I don’t know about you but when I went vegan I wanted to ensure I was only putting nutritious, healthy things into my body.

Finally she told me a lot of the nutritional yeasts she tried actually didn’t have great flavour…

Apart from the one she found from a supplier in the south of France.
The problem was, she said,  

it was only made in small batches and regularly sold out.

So she’d have to buy it in bulk.

I wanted to learn more about this mysterious superfood my friend had discovered...

So, I asked her for the details of where to buy it…

and I got in touch with the supplier. 
Lo and behold...

They were sold out, again.

But he did tell me something very interesting. 

They were starting a small production line in the USA.

They’d found a beautiful spot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they could culture their incredible nutritional yeast in the United States.

They were just looking for someone to help them get a foothold in the American market.

I couldn’t believe it and I was very interested...
Who am I to bring this product to market?
Hi, my name is Eddy and I’m the founder of Gloriously Vegan.

I believe eating plant based is a healthy, sustainable and morally right way of living and I founded Gloriously Vegan to share simple vegan recipes to the world. 

Why am I qualified to do that?

It’s simple! Before i started this journey, I couldn’t COOK!

That’s PRECISELY the reason i started Gloriously Vegan.
See Gloriously Vegan is a collaboration between a group of talented chefs from around the world.

The sole goal is to make following a vegan diet easier.

It’s perfect because I insist that every recipe is simple enough that even a kitchen dummy like myself can easily cook it!

So, between the hundreds of incredible recipes we’ve published on the website  and the cookbooks we’ve published that have been read by thousands. 
I have a ton of experience of what tastes good on the vegan diet. 

So, going back to my phone call with our nutritional yeast supplier.

I told them,

With my experience running Gloriously Vegan and my connections with chefs around the world, I would love to help them.

But I said first, I’d need samples of their product to send to our team of international chefs to see if it got the seal of approval.

I sent out the samples and nervously waited to hear back from the Gloriously Vegan chef’s team.

What I received back were some of the most incredible plant based cheese recipes I'd ever seen.

My team of chefs loved the flavour and told me with two thumbs up we should definitely go ahead with this.
And so Noochy Licious was born…
Noochy Licious is made of the world's most premium, best tasting nutritional yeast superfood flakes…

It has a delicious nutty, cheesy flavour

And is absolutely packed with scientifically proven health benefits.

Which means now you can make delicious foods like 
  • vegan carbonaras
  • mac n cheese, 
  • cheese sauces, 
  • ​stretchy vegan mozzarella 
  • ​and even vegan grilled cheese that’s gooey and stretchy...
That you can eat 100% without guilt…

Knowing that every spoonful is nourishing for your body

Is helping stop animal cruelty…

And is better for the environment...

And now you can get it right here in the United States.

But first if you’re thinking,

that sounds great but how do i cook those dishes with Noochy Licious,

don’t worry...

because every order comes with not one but two free recipe collections…
That makes it incredibly easy to cook your favourite cheesy meals with Noochy Licious.

I’ll tell you a little bit more about exactly what is in these FREE recipe collections later.
But first I want to switch gears a little and tell you exactly why

Noochy Licious is one of the most nourishing foods you can incorporate into your diet.
how much of it would you eat?
Imagine IF CHEESE WAS GOOD FOR YOU, how much of it would you eat?
Noochy Licious is packed with complete full spectrum protein, B-complex vitamins including Biotin and Niacin, Chromium, beta-glucans and powerful antioxidants.
It’s a nutritional powerhouse...

Which is rare for something that tastes SO good.

It’s A Great Source Of Vegan Protein

With a whopping 4.5g of complete protein per tablespoon, Noochy Licious contains more nutritious protein per lb than beef.

This is awesome because protein is incredibly important in a range of functions across the body.

Firstly, for appetite control and burning fat... 
Which is why high protein diets have become so popular as a way to accelerate fat loss in recent years.

Not only that, protein is essential for building muscle and promoting healthy hair, skin, eyes and overall vitality. 

Adding more protein into each meal, which is easy with Noochy Licious, will help you:
  • feel fuller for longer,
  • ​promote lean muscle gain after workouts, 
  • ​accelerate fat loss
  • ​support collagen production for healthy skin, hair and eyes.
Noochy Licious is hands down one of THE best sources of vegan protein, with over 48% protein by mass.

That’s considerably more than MOST protein powders.

Can Help Regulate Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Can Help Regulate Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Studies show that the beta-glucans found in abundance in Noochy Licious could help the body to regulate and lower cholesterol levels.

In fact, beta-glucan is the sole reason barley and oats are allowed to claim they reduce the risk of heart disease.

In one study², men with high ch  olesterol who consumed 15 grams of beta-glucan derived from yeast daily for eight weeks...
lowered their total cholesterol levels by 6%.
lowered their total cholesterol levels by 6%.
Another study³ found that mice fed beta-glucan from yeast...

Had significantly lower cholesterol levels after only 10 days.

This is one way Noochy Licious helps lower cholesterol levels.

But actually it’s a double whammy effect...

Because to start with Noochy Licious contains almost no saturated fats they’re the bad ones that skyrocket cholesterol levels.

Whereas cheese is packed to the brim with bad saturated fats.

And when we say significantly lower, we really mean it...

One slice of cheese (28g) contains 5.9g of saturated fat, or 30% of your daily recommended allowance.
Whereas the same amount of Noochy Licious contains just 0.1g of saturated fat,

effectively so little they could be called trace amounts.

It’s not even comparable.

Noochy Licious is the clear winner for anyone looking to manage healthy cholesterol levels.

Great For Digestive & Gut Health

Noochy Licious contains 4g of dietary fiber in every 2 tablespoons.

That puts it right up there as one of the most fiber dense superfoods on the planet.

It’s more fiber dense than beans, lentils, pulses or any vegetable.
In fact it contains more than DOUBLE the fiber you would get in the same quantity of lentils,

which are meant to be the ultimate high fiber food.

Having good amounts of dietary fiber is crucial for regular bowel movements, reducing constipation, a healthy gut, controlling blood sugar levels and achieving a healthy weight.

Here’s the final kicker,

many studies have linked a high intake of fiber-rich foods to lower risk of colon cancer,

which is the third leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

Can Support The Immune System

Can Support The Immune System

Polysaccharides found in Noochy Licious have been shown to reduce the risk of infection in animals by blocking harmful bacteria from penetrating the gut wall!

Further the beta-glucans have been shown in multiple studies to have immune supporting effects.

One study⁴ showed giving beta-glucan supplements to children between the ages of 1 to 4 decreased the amount of illnesses during cold season.
Another study⁵ was done with a group of marathon runners, who are prone to getting sick due to the stress they put their body under. They found supplementing with beta-glucans significantly decreased the amount of infections they got.
Another study was done with a group of marathon runners, who are prone to getting sick due to the stress they put their body under. They found supplementing with beta-glucans significantly decreased the amount of infections they got.

Has Powerful Anti-Aging Antioxidants

Every day your body is assaulted by free radical oxidants that can lead to chronic disease and cancer.

Noochy Licious is packed full of the powerful antioxidants glutathione and selenomethionine, that protect your cells from damage and help your body eliminate toxins!

Supports Healthy Pregnancy

Supports Healthy Pregnancy

Noochy Licious is packed full of nourishing thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and folate. 

These are key vitamins crucial to cell metabolism and extremely nutritious for pregnant (or non pregnant) women!

Promotes Luscious Hair And Glowing Skin

All this is GREAT because it means that every single spoonful of the dishes we’ll show you how to make, are 100% guilt free.

Not only that, eating it actually contributes to making you healthier.

No Additives - 100% Natural & Non-GMO

No Additives - 100% Natural & Non-GMO

We do not "fortify" our products with any additives. We believe if you want a supplement you should take a supplement. 

Let's not meddle with whole foods by adding synthetic vitamins and minerals. Our nutritional yeast is 100% pure and Non-GMO.

Adding Noochy Licious to your diet in place of cheese is one of the best things you can do for your body!

Adding Noochy Licious to your diet in place of cheese is one of the best things you can do for your body!

Here’s some of the INCREDIBLE DISHES you can make with Noochy Licious!
At this point you’re probably thinking ok this stuff sounds AWESOME, but what can i actually make with it?

Thankfully we include 2 incredible recipe collections completely FREE...
  • 24 Incredible Noochy Licious Recipes
  • Vegan Meat Free Crowd Pleasers Recipes
In your first bonus book you’re going to get a selection of all your favourite crowd pleaser recipes, made vegan…

Usually we sell this digital recipe collection for $12, but today it’s FREE.

Included are recipes like:
Yummy Vegan Tacos With Nacho Cheese Sauce
Sharing Quesadilla With "Cheez" Dip
To Die For Buffalo Cauliflower Wings WIth Blue Cheese Dip
Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos
Meatballs With Mumma's Rich Vegan Gravy
Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff
Home Cooked Golden Vegan Shepherds Pie
Velvety Butter Tofu And Rice
Ultra "Cheezy" Mac N Vegan Cheez
Insanely Creamy Vegan Carbonara
It’s the ultimate way to make creamy and cheesy dishes with your newly bought Noochy Licious.
Secondly we’re going to give you our 24 healthy Noochy Licious meals recipe collection:

This recipe collection usually retails at $17, but again, today only it’s yours FREE. Just for trying out Noochy Licious.
Included are recipes like:
Fragrant and Light Veggie Curry
10 Minute Cheesy Roasted Vegetables
Beautiful Low Calorie Squash Rollatini
Easy Peasy Avocado Pesto Pasta
And many many more…
So whether you want to indulge in a naughtily delicious cheese dish...

Or something incredibly healthy....

We’ve got you covered in our recipe books.

But trust us, you wont just stop there!

Because, Noochy Licious is incredibly versatile and great for all sorts of foods.

It can be added to almost any dish like salt to enhance flavour.

But WITHOUT the negative side effects of sodium.

So not only can you create all the dishes we already explained.

But also use it to add vegan protein and boost flavour in:
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Gravies
And much much more…
It’s versatility, deliciousness and health benefits are why thousands of nutritionists, influencers and regular customers LOVE NOOCHY LICIOUS!

Leif Arnesen NSCA-CPT ️️- Founder TheVeganGym.com

Virginia, USA

BEST Vegan Nutritional Yeast!!

I have been looking for a brand of nutritional yeast that I actually enjoyed having! All the brands that I have tried resulted in an upset stomach... but not Gloriously Vegans!! I used this in a vegan mac & cheese recipe and it was phenomenal! For the price and taste this is a definite YES for me! Highly recommend!!

Francesca Dolby ️️️- Verified Purchase

London, United Kingdom

Favourite brand of nutritional yeast!

This is my favourite brand of nutritional yeast I've tried so far in my vegan journey. Absolutely love the taste and love Gloriously Vegan as a brand.

Can't wait to try out more recipes with it!

The Vegan Zombie - Youtube Influencer - 171k subscribers

Syracuse, NY

I love the flavour of Noochy Licious and make an amazing vegan parmesan with it! Highly recommend the flavour and it's packed full of health benefits!

Cynthia Correa ️️️- Verified Purchase

I love Noochy licious on my popcorn and your French onion soup recipe turned out great!!

Lulu Garton ️️️- Verified Purchase

We love Noochy Licious. Easy to cook with and great tasting. Our faux cheese and other recipes taste great.
Taste test it today with absolutely NO RISK for 60 days.
We believe in our product so much we give you a 60 day taste test guarantee!

We want to spread the good word about Noochy Licious and we don't want there to be any risk for you to try it.

If you don't like the flavour or anything about Noochy Licious, simply email us on support@gloriouslyvegan.com at any time in the first 60 days and we'll give you a full refund!

What are you waiting for?
Join the thousands of people making the switch from cheese today.
Remember, if you swap cheese for Noochy Licious in your diet today, you are going to see significant benefits…
Don’t delay, try delicious Noochy Licious today…

For your health

For the cows

And for the environment

Oh, and one last thing...
Remember, Noochy Licious is made in small batches 
in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Remember, Noochy Licious 
is made in small batches 
in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Noochy Licious never leaves American soil - and I’m confident you’ll be able to taste the difference.

It's the reason thousands of customers choose Noochy Licious.

But that superior taste and quality comes at a price.

It means we simply can’t keep up with demand and sometimes we completely sell out.

Plus supply chain issues are not helping with our supplies!

See - originally Noochy Licious was just a cheese substitute for vegans…

But then people started to figure out that it’s also a cholesterol fighting superfood that tastes like cheese!
as a result, we’ve got tons of customers 
ordering 5 and even 10 bags at a time!

(Which means we’re always at risk of selling out)
We’ve stepped up production as much as we can without sacrificing quality...

But at this rate - we might sell out again…

And with so many new customers on top of existing repeat customers…

We might not be able to restock Noochy Licious for a while if that happens.

But here’s the thing…

I want to support you and whatever your goals are.

Whether that’s avoiding potentially dangerous food additives like aluminum...

Better heart health…

Getting in shape…

...or even just cutting back on regular cheese...

I’m here to support you.

No one should have to constantly stress over what they’re putting in their mouths…

And that’s why it’s so crucial that you understand...
The longer you eat Noochy Licious, the more effective it will be!
While Noochy Licious starts working from the moment you take your first cheesy bite...

The real magic happens when you eat it every day!

For people wanting to protect themselves from excess aluminum,  using Noochy Licious instead of cheese gives your body the time it needs to clean itself out. This helps reduce potential effects of excess aluminum in your body.

For people wanting to reduce their cholesterol, using Noochy Licious floods your body with cholesterol fighting Beta-Glucans! 

And when you eat it every day, it’s like you’re constantly flushing cholesterol out of your system.

For people who care about lowering their blood pressure and improving their digestive health… Noochy Licious has fiber that nourishes the bacteria in your gut. 

This allows your intestines to heal and lets good bacteria flourish when you consistently eat Noochy Licious.

These good bacteria can help control blood sugar, lower blood pressure ⁵² , and even help prevent you from gaining weight. ⁵³ ⁵⁴

And for people wanting to get lean… Using Noochy Licious consistently will help keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

Research also shows fiber rich foods like Noochy Licious can support healthy gut bacteria that may reduce cravings and even prevent weight gain over time.

Heck, you might even find yourself losing weight almost by accident!

Starting out with 2 tablespoons a day in your usual meals is a great way to let your body adapt to this new source of fiber and nutrition.

But if you want a long term solution, making Noochy Licious a part of your daily routine makes the most sense!
Just think of Noochy Licious as a daily investment in your own health.
The same way you’d take a multivitamin everyday…

Just make Noochy Licious a part of your everyday routine.

Except, it’s got a delicious cheesy flavor...

Sprinkle it on your morning bagel.

Make some Mac and Cheese for dinner.

Or make some “cheesy” potatoes as a side!

And that’s crucial because if you care about your gut health (and by extension, your weight and heart health)...
You’ll want to eat Noochy Licious at least once a day, every day.
Especially if you eat foods that have cholesterol in them (like meat, poultry, and eggs).

That's because Noochy Licious is packed with Beta-Glucans.

And like we talked about earlier - Beta-Glucan is like a pipe cleaner for your gut.

It forms a gel in your stomach that goes through your digestive system soaking up cholesterol from the food you eat...

...and when you poop out the Beta-Glucan, the cholesterol in your gut goes with it!

That’s why I personally recommend you grab at least 5 bags of Noochy Licious…

Especially if you care about restoring and maintaining your long term health!
Normally Noochy Licious retails for $39.95 per bag + $5.95 shipping and handling…
But right now, and only on this page…

You can get your very own supply of Noochy Licious at a major discount!

In fact, when you get a single bag - it’s just $29.95 which is already a 25% discount…

But because so many people were buying Noochy Licious in bulk…

We decided to set things up so the more Noochy Licious you stock up on, the more money you’ll save!

Rewarding our committed Noochy Licious users just seemed like the right thing to do, you know?

That’s why today if you buy 3 packs of Noochy Licious at 25% off we’ll give you 2 additional bags completely free.

If you buy 5 packs of Noochy Licious at 25% off we’ll throw in a whopping 5 additional bags completely free too.

Plus, both of those packages come with one more BONUS recipe collection for FREE!
So we highly recommend you go ahead and grab 3 or 5 bags of Noochy Licious to claim your free bonuses while supplies last...
Here's what you get when you order TODAY:

Limited Time Bonuses!

Recipes Are Instant Digital Download
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24 Incredible Noochy Licious Recipes
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Vegan Meat Free Healthy "Junk" Food Recipes
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Still not sure? Here are some frequently asked questions we may not have covered yet…
You say Nutritional Yeast has twice the amount of protein as beef but releases 25% of the CO2. Is that actually true?
Yes according to a study⁶ by the confederation of european yeast producers, 1kg of dried yeast produces 3204g of CO2.
However according to timeforchange 1kg of beef produces 13,300g of CO2, so actually it's 24% the amount of CO2.
Further, depending on the cut beef contains around 26 - 30g of protein per 100g. Whereas our Noochy Licious contains 52g of protein per 100g.

Take that meat eaters!
What if I don't like the flavour?
We want to take all the risk away from trying our wonderful product.
When you order Noochy Licious you have a full 60 days to try out the product. If you don't like the flavour we will give you a full refund!
Is Noochy Licious gluten/soy/dairy/nut free?
Yes! Noochy Licious is 100% gluten, soy, dairy and nut free. However it is manufactured in a facility that handles products containing all of the above that abides by good manufacturing processes.
Is Noochy Licious kosher?
Yes! Noochy Licious is 100% kosher.
What are the ingredients of Noochy Licious?
There is only one ingredient, Noochy Licious is a premium strain of nutritional yeast cultured in the USA especially selected for it's flavour and protein profile.

Nutritional Yeast is a high protein single-celled organism, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, which is grown on molasses and then harvested, washed, and dried with heat to kill or “deactivate” it.

Because it is completely inactive it cannot cause candida or any kind of yeast overgrowth.

Also, don’t worry; no animals are harmed in this process because yeasts are members of the fungi (mushroom) family and are not animals.
Where does Noochy Licious ship from?
We ship from facilities all over the United States using DHL. Once despatched delivery usually takes 3 - 5 working days.
Does it actually taste good?
As someone who has eaten cheese in his life I would say Noochy Licious resembles parmesan cheese in taste. It really is delicious.
What can I use Noochy Licious for?
You can use it as a flavour enhancer, to make sauces or to boost protein on salads or vegetable dishes. It works great for lots of different things! 

Move over avocados, we believe Noochy Licious truly is the king of vegan ingredients!
Is Noochy Licious high in salt/sodium?
No actually it is very low in sodium. Some people use it extensively as healthy a way to cut down on their salt intake whilst still increasing flavour.

One tablespoon of Noochy Licious (8.5g) has about 38.25mg of sodium which is 1.6% of your recommended daily allowance (2300mg).

To put it another way you could eat 5 big tablespoons of Noochy Licious and that would still only be 8% of your daily recommended allowance of salt.

It is very low in salt.
What is the nutritional information of Noochy Licious?
Please see the nutritional information panel below for nutritional information per tablespoon:

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Studies Referenced:

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2) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28872611/
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4) https://www.longdom.org/open-access/bakers-yeast-betaglucan-decreases-episodes-of-common-childhood-illness-in-1-to-4-year-old-children-during-cold-season-in-china-2155-9600-1000519.pdf
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